About Us


What is Dart Frog Connection?

Our team has been working in the international fashion industry for several years. We have a passion for creation, and we believe that every little step counts to make our environment better. In the years since, we've noticed that the world around us has accelerated. New collections are coming to stores incessantly, and the range is growing. We don't want to compete with the pace and price drop of big companies. Cheapness comes at a price. It is important for us that our products are quality and that the manufacturing process is traceable and environmentally conscious.

Another common link is that we all love sports. Our favorite forms of movement, though, are different, and our love of sport and movement connects us. Some people do yoga, some people run in the field, or they ride bicycles to work, and some people dance. It's that diversity and similar mindset that has made us a team. It has also become one of the central ideas of our brand: to connect, to inspire each other. This is what CONNECTION expresses.

To create something, we need inspiration first. Since we were thinking about a sports brand, we wanted to start with a colorful, cheerful, yet unique motif.
That's how we finally decided to use the arrow frog. With its varied pattern and colorful appearance, it won our attention. Hence the name DART FROG.

Where do we make our products?

Our products are manufactured in China and Pakistan. We are proud of our supplier partners because they are companies, factories where workers are valued, where they sacrifice to ensure the right working conditions. Not only do we choose the make-up plants, it is equally important that our suppliers of raw materials and supplies think the same way. 

What's our goal?

The goal of the DFC team is to connect with each other! Our goal is to find more and more environmentally conscious, healthy people in the body and in the soul. We want to build a network of relationships where people share ideas, experiences and inspire each other's lifestyles.